Hot Topics!

Hot Topics!

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Hot Topics

Hot Topics!

  • Jan 2014 - Transcripts now online. Details

    The IRS has now made it possible for taxpayers to download and print transcripts of their past tax returns from its website. Once an account has been set up, taxpayers may log in anytime to print transcripts for any purpose, including mortgage financing, college financial aid applications, etc.

  • Oct 2013 - Government Shutdown. Details

    During the funding lapse (the so-called "government shutdown"), the IRS will be operating on minimal staff. Tax returns and payments are still due on the same dates as always, but until normal operations resume refund checks will not be issued and customer service centers will be closed. Automated systems such as electronic tax return filing and taxpayer notifications will continue to operate, but manual operations such as paper-filed returns and written correspondences will be held until support staff returns to their duties. Taxpayers should assume that any audit or assistance meetings are canceled until further notice.

  • Jan 2013 - 1099 Questionnaire online. Details

    Not sure if you need to file 1099 forms? Read all about it and walk through our quick online questionnaire to find out.

  • Nov 2012 - Hot Topics page launched. Details

    Hot Topics (things we deem noteworthy enough to bug you about) will show up in an "alert" style box at the top our front page for a couple weeks, then move to the "Hot Topics" page.

  • Oct 2012 - goes Mobile! Details

    The Granite Point website is now mobile optimized! What does this mean? It means that no matter what crazy screen size you are browsing on, our website will now lay itself out appropriately. Nifty, eh?