Our Style

Our Style

You can probably tell from our website that our style is a bit less conventional than other tax accountants. We value honesty and integrity above all else, and our practice is grounded in the notion that we exist to serve you and that all else follows from this. We believe our personal experiences and accomplishments help us to weather the unexpected storm and travel the untread path.

Garth spent years renovating a sailboat and onto that boat he loaded his wife, his son, and months-worth of food and supplies. He took a leave of absence from his law practice, rented out his home, and sailed off into the sunset. After experiencing the risks and reward of such a trip, Garth returned safe and sound and rejuvenated for his next adventure -- the evolution of his law practice to an exclusive focus on taxation.

Matt in Fry Canyon, Photo by Mike Hagen of www.outthereimages.com

Matt is a bit of an adrenaline junky: A rock climber, a mountaineer, a spelunker, a canyoneer, a triathlete, and more. But he's still alive and well because he knows when to retreat from the mountain before the full brunt of the storm's fury obliterates the spire. He never forgets that the most important thing, far more important than summitting another peak or winning his race division, is what waits for him at home - his family. His anchor.

Rachel married Matt, so we know she's up for a challenge! Turns out she's also pretty shrewd, patient, understanding, and ready to push the guys when appropriate and reel them in when necessary. Let Rachel's bookkeeping and tax experience be a beacon of light that helps your business weather the storms ahead, just as she is the porch light (compact flourescent, of course) that brings Matt home after each adventure.

Working with us you will find we thrive on helping our clients understand and evaluate the risks and rewards that any action might create. Let us guide you through the complex maze of tax rules and regulations, and the multitude of compliance issues facing all individuals and businesses. We have helped many clients successfully resolve difficult and complex problems. We attribute part of our success to the perspective and confidence we have gained from our own personal accomplishments. Give us a call. Let us walk that trail with you and guide you home safely at day's end. We've been doing it for years and we can do it for you.