New Clients

New Clients

If you would like to be a Granite Point client, all you need to do is let us know! We will be happy to meet with you or talk over the phone and determine what information we need from you.

There are a few items which can help us provide you with more meaningful guidance, though, so you might think about gathering up the items listed below.

  • Client Profile Sheet - We need basic information from all clients. You can fill this out in our office or complete it ahead of time and bring it with you. But please do not e-mail any form that includes Social Security Numbers! Fax or mail is more secure.

  • Engagement Letter - Please review our engagement letter and let us know if you have any questions or concerns. It's just one page, please read it!

  • Prior Tax Return - We will need a copy of the last filed tax return for each relevant entity (personal, business, trust, etc.). If you can't locate your previous return we can help you request a copy from the IRS, but that is a fairly lengthy process so it behooves you to really search for your copy. You might also try contacting your previous tax preparer for a copy.

  • Current Information - In order to prepare your tax return(s), we will need all your official tax forms (W-2, 1099, 1098, etc.), business income and expenses, etc. relating to the year in question. If you sold stocks or other assets (outside of tax-sheltered accounts such as IRAs), we will need cost basis information in order to calculate the taxable gain or loss.

  • Year-to-date Information - For mid-year tax consulting, any year-to-date income or expense information would be helpful. If you are an employee, a recent paystub will provide salary and tax withholding information. For business owners, please print current financial statements.

  • Tax Organizer - The tax organizer helps you gather all applicable information and helps us prepare returns more efficiently. A blank tax organizer can be printed here (just fill out the parts that apply to you), or if you have one from your previous tax preparer that includes last year's numbers, that would be even better.