Sit back with a cup of coffee while Matt explains such tax topics as business entity selection, basic bookkeeping, Alternative Minimum Tax, and more. These videos are not intended to be exhaustive essays on each subject, rather they are brief introductions to the topics covered. Please do not use them for tax planning or preparation, as your specific circumstances may render some or all of this information irrelevant or incorrect.

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  • Entity Selection

    Matt discusses business entity choices such as the corporation, the LLC, and more.

  • Cancelation of Debt

    When canceled debts are taxable income, when they aren't, and how to report them.

  • Depreciation

    What is it, how does it work, and what are the potential pitfalls?

  • Employees vs. Contractors

    For business owners, differentiating between employees and contractors is very important. Matt explains why.

  • Tax Basics

    Not really sure how the income tax system even works? No worries, here we cover the basics.

  • Bookkeeping

    The basics of bookkeeping and financial statements.

  • Hobby Income & Expenses

    Matt covers the difference between a business and a hobby and the tax impact of each.

  • Alternative Minimum Tax

    The AMT continues to snag more Americans every year, imposing an "extra" tax atop the regular income tax.